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now, today, tomorrow, and always

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The little egomaniac who could
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Not really a whole lot to say about myself. I'm 18 and live in Burbank, California. This journal is pretty much about nothing, and fairly friends-only. I'll probably be simultaneously one of the smartest and most retarded people you'll ever meet.

I talk a lot about: Social Distortion/Mike Ness, The Smiths/Morrissey/Johnny Marr, rockabilly/psychobilly, Watchmen, House, Doctor Who, ska, involuntary celibacy (basically, the intellectual way of saying "not getting laid"), and general social angst. Yes, these are significant enough to mention outside of my "interests". I suppose you could call them my fandoms, but I'm not particularly involved in the fan communities for a lot of them, and some of them don't really have "fandoms," per se.

poupeegirl fashion brand community
1984, a clockwork orange, achtung baby, activism, actually understanding irony, amoeba music, andy warhol, apple, bad jokes, bassists, batman, being "that weird kid", being miserable, being strange, betty blowtorch, big noses, big words, bisexuality, bitching and moaning, blink-182, breakfast on pluto, bright and shiny objects, bruce springsteen, buddy holly, california, camp humor, cats, catwoman, christian bale, cillian murphy, comedy, confusing everyone around me, correcting spelling errors, corruption of lol, dark humor, david bowie, david tennant, dee dee ramone, doctor who, drummers, equality, eyeliner, fashion, feather boas, feminism, fishnets, flogging molly, freudian slips, funny jews, gavin friday, gay marriage, gay rights, glam, glasses, glitter, goddamn batman, greasers, green arrow, gwen stefani, high fidelity, horrorpops, internet hate machine, internets, involuntary celibacy, it's just a fact, james dean, joey ramone, john barrowman, john cusack, johnny marr, jon stewart, kevin smith, kitsch, macros, marching band, mental illness, mike ness, mockery, morrissey, morrissey's bitterness, morrissey's eyes, morrissey's quiff, morrissey's voice, mustard plug, nekromantix, nerds, new wave, not paying attention, obsessing, office space, ontd, oscar wilde, overreacting, owls, peengate, pinstripes, pop culture, porn, portmanteaus, procrastinating, project runway, psychiatric pills, psychobilly, punk rock, puns, puzzles, quiffs, reel big fish, rock'n'roll, rockabilly, rorschach, satire, savage chickens, scott klopfenstein, self deprecation, ska, social distortion, stupid clothes, stupid make-up, sucking at life, suspenders, tetris, the big lebowski, the chop tops, the clash, the dark knight, the joker, the outsiders, the pretenders, the quakes, the ramones, the smiths, the specials, they might be giants, tiger army, tim gunn, tom petty, torchwood, trumpet, u2, virgin prunes, viva hate, watchmen, witticisms

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